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Want to grow your business opportunities and brand in your community?

Become a Grand Sponsor 
for $500 and provide free technology assistance to seniors and technology training to kids and young adults in the community.

How does it work?

It’s simple! You simply choose the retirement community or communities you would like to sponsor - or we can help you find a perfect match. My Smart Grandkids will then set up the relationship and sponsored training. You will be introduced to your new contacts at the retirement community and we will provide the marketing, promotional materials, and senior/kid updates. We will then help you find additional ways you can work with and interact with the seniors and retirement community that you sponsor.


The happiness and appreciation that our TechLeads and TechMates receive from seniors (or Grands!) during our visits is so infectious! It's an amazing experience to get to know the Grands and have a chance to help them. And the help is real! We're able to build relationships and provide assistance and information about fun or cutting edge technology that they might have heard about, but never really understood or experienced. To build relationships between the TechLead, TechMate and the Grand is so special. Our Grands know they can count on us - if they have a question or a problem, they have someone they can reach out to.

Your group or business can be a part of this special relationship. For just a small amount each month or year - you can be a part of the My Smart Grandkids Family - you can become a Grand Sponsor!

For $500 per month, or $5000 per year, your sponsorship will provide two hours of training and technology help sessions, two times per month to one retirement community. If you would like to sponsor more than one community, we can work with you on special pricing. Every other week My Smart Grandkids will go to your sponsored retirement community, provide a new training presentation with leave-behind instructions, and have a Q&A session where all residents can bring their questions and/or technology for help from a TechLead and at least one TechMate.

What do you get?

Contact in and Relationship with Retirement Communities:  We will help you develop a direct relationship with the retirement community or communities that you sponsor. This will allow your organization to develop a lasting relationship with these communities, opening doors to various opportunities to interact with and service the grands in your sponsored community. For example… a relationship could be established to have the senior communities visit your location on a regular basis, or purchase your products and services as a trusted and known entity.


Goodwill and appreciation: You're helping and connecting with Grands and kids in your community. As a Grand Sponsor, you will be seen by your sponsored retirement community and their families as a group or business who wants to help and make a difference. And you will be seen by the schools and families in your community as an organization that wants to help kids learn and grow in STEM fields.  Goodwill and appreciation will be shared between you, the Grands, the sponsored retirement community, the kids and the schools.

Connection with kids and schools in your community: STEM occupation fields are one of the fastest growing job opportunity segments throughout the world (  Providing kids and young adults with an opportunity to learn hireable technology skills is a huge goal for My Smart Grandkids. We want to teach kids and young adults not only how to interact with and generate relationships with seniors in their community, we want to, at the same time, advance their technological skills, grow their ability to troubleshoot technology and hone their skills in teaching technology. As a Grand Sponsor, your organization will help with this goal. Your support will allow kids in your community to support their senior community, learn how to interact with and work with adults, hone their technology skills and learn the valuable skills of computer training and troubleshooting. You will be helping kids jump into and learn the real-world possibilities of STEM!

Your name and logo on all material: As a Grand Sponsor your logo and information will be included on all My Smart Grandkids signage, training literature and leave behind instructions used for each session in your sponsored community. You will be listed as the sponsor on all materials and mentioned as the sponsor during all training and help sessions.  


Grand Sponsorship logo and information to use in your marketing: You will receive a Grand Sponsor logo and promotional copy that you can use in your own marketing and promotion. We will be happy to work with you to create other marketing and promotional material as needed to help you spread the word about your contribution.

Updates on how you help: You will receive pictures and updates from each sponsored session with the Grands. You will receive personal stories detailing the kids and seniors and how your contribution helped them -  you can use these personal success stories in your own marketing.


Your information on the My Smart Grandkids Webpage: We will add your logo, link to your website, and information onto the My Smart Grandkids Webpage sponsors section. We want to make sure that everyone knows that you’re helping the seniors and kids in your community!  


Marketing or promotional materials: We will help develop marketing and promotional materials that you can use at your organization. These materials will allow you to promote the contribution you made to your community - talking about your work with the seniors, kids and My Smart Grandkids.

How much does it cost?


You can sponsor a retirement community on a month by month or annual basis.  


$500 per month or $5000 per year per retirement community.  


Larger or customized sponsorships are available upon request - contact us if you’d like to discuss a special sponsorship.

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