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How can we help?

ON-SITE and IN-HOME Assistance with:

  • Answering computer and technology questions

  • Providing set-up & overviews on computers, laptops, applications, phones, & tablets

  • Troubleshooting technology and computer issues

REMOTE ACCESS Technical support:

  • When face to face support is not an option

  • Ability to remotely log into your computer and find issues, fix issues, answer questions and provide training

  • Secure - requiring you to grant access for each session

  • Available as needed or via a monthly tech support contract

​... all from the comfort and convenience of your home.​

How much does it cost?

On-site Price:  $75.00 per hour ​($50 minimum and per 1/2 hour)     

A TechMate will provide on-site assistance - when and where needed - for just $75.00 per hour! 

(Currently available in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill/Greenville, NC areas - call to see if we're available in your area.) 

Remote Tech Support Price:  $50.00 per hour ​(30 minute minimum)

Remote Access technical support is available throughout the US - call to discuss set up.


Do you need help setting up your computer, laptop, phone, tablet or other technology? My Smart Grandkids provides in-home, on-site or remote computer and technology assistance. We can help with a variety of technology questions or needs. Computer troubleshooting, computer set-up, technology questions, technology problems or tasks - give us a call and let us know what you need and we can let you know if we can handle your request.  We'll then schedule an appointment with you to come and help out!

My Smart Grandkids provides on-site assistance, open community help sessions, and training to help seniors with whatever technology or computer problems they may have. We have TechMates available to visit and provide assistance for just $75 per hour!


Examples of some of the questions we’ve helped with in the past include:

  • I just moved in, can you set up my computer and technology?

  • Can you help me figure out what I need to buy - new phone, computer, laptop, tablet guidance?

  • My printer isn't working, can you fix it?

  • Can you train me on an application like Google, Amazon and/or skype?

  • Can you set up an email account for me?

  • Can you download or set up applications?

  • Can you set up email filters to get rid of spam email?

  • My computer updated and I can't find my applications any longer. Can you help?

  • How do I use my iPad?

  • My printer isn’t printing from my computer - can you help?

  • How can I print from my iPad?

  • How do I video call my family?

  • How do I check my voicemail on my phone?

  • How do I keep track of my passwords?

And so many more!​​

Examples of some tasks we've helped with, include:

  • Setting up computers and technology

  • Guidance on new technology purchase

  • Setting up Email, Zoom, and other applications on a computer, phone, and/or tablet

  • Cleaning up email accounts - or moving from one email account to another

  • Adding filters to emails – stopping emails that they don’t want from showing up in their inbox

  • Fixing issues with printers or printer connections

  • Typing stories or memories into documents they can share with their family

  • Scanning photos or photo albums

  • Training on tablet or phone use

  • Setting up iCloud to back up and/or share information

  • Fixing and updating contacts and address books

  • Sending out holiday or special occasion emails

  • Ordering items from the internet

  • Scanning documents or bills and sending to family members for payment

And so many more!​​

Examples of help we've provided:

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