About Us

We're young adults helping people with computers and technology. We specialize in working with the senior community and those who cannot easily visit outside computer technology resources.


My Smart Grandkids helps people with computer and technology set up, help and training - connecting young adults with people in their home or at their location - available in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill Areas .

My Smart Grandkids provides our customers and retirement communities with on-site access to 'TechMates'. These TechMates are young adults who work with My Smart Grandkids to help people with computer and technology guidance and assistance - at their location or via Remote Access. They work in a group or one-on-one setting to help with computer and technology set up, training, and/or problem-solving -- helping our customers learn about what is available in technology, how technology can positively affect their daily life, and be there to answer questions, provide assistance, and offer support.


Our customers and senior communities can feel confident knowing they can grow a relationship with their own TechMate who will be available to solve problems as they're needed.

Our Philosophy

My Smart Grandkids has a simple philosophy. Bring together and support local communities through the common goal of learning, helping and technology exploration.


  • Provide technology services to people who cannot access offsite technology resources.

  • Help seniors and retirement communities with their technology needs while creating meaningful relationships with young adults.

  • Help people learn about and use technology.

  • Help young adults create meaningful social connections with seniors while learning new skills and perfecting their own technology career expertise.

  • Help senior communities provide a needed service for their residents that will expand the value and quality of living they offer to their community.

How did My Smart Grandkids start?

My Smart Grandkids was started by twins, Jacob and Adam Baynes, and their Mom, Mary Anne Baynes.  Jacob and Adam got the idea for My Smart Grandkids while helping their grandparents with questions on their tablets - they thought there might be a need to help other seniors in the local community who also have technology questions. They started doing research into technology and applications that benefit seniors and decided to start the company. Their Mom, Mary Anne, specializes with helping technology start-ups build sales and marketing departments and was more than happy to use her experience to guide and teach Jacob and Adam on starting and building their own business.


My Smart Grandkids is Jacob and Adam's first dive into the entrepreneurial pool. They created  this company to help seniors learn about and use technology, help young adults make a difference in their community, and connect the young and senior communities in a meaningful way. Then have since found that this company can also help many more people in the community who might not be able to access offsite technology assistance, such as people with disabilities, veterans, and kids trying to tackle remote learning. They’re excited to be building a company that they hope can make a difference. 

Helping Young Adults

My Smart Grandkids is providing work opportunities for young adults to hone their technology skills while helping people in the community. Building relationships while at the same time helping people open technology doors is rewarding and incredibly beneficial to both the senior or person being helped, and the young adult.


As a part of this work experience young adults will not only have the opportunity to really help people in their community, but at the same time they will be honing the valuable skill of technology training and troubleshooting. This technology skill will be a valuable tool they can use in their future - millions of jobs throughout the country are looking for young adults with technology knowledge and the ability to train and troubleshoot technology. My Smart Grandkids is providing an opportunity to train young adults in this skill while at the same time connecting them with seniors and helping the Raleigh community.

Who are the TechMates?

We hire and work with My Smart Grandkids 'TechMates'.


TechMates are young adults who work with My Smart Grandkids to help people with technology guidance and assistance. They work in a group or one-on-one setting to help people with technology issues and problems, learn about what is available in technology, how technology can positively affect their daily life, and be there to answer questions, provide assistance, and support their technological journey.


TechMates are experienced and qualified My Smart Grandkids workers who have an understanding of a variety of computer hardware, technologies, and applications.

Training and Help Locations

My Smart Grandkids TechMates are happy to come to you at the location of your choosing (ex: Your Home, Senior Center, Retirement Community, Church, Library, Country Club, etc.).  If required, My Smart Grandkids will reserve an appropriate meeting space at the location of customer’s choosing.  My Smart Grandkids can also set up a Remote Access Application on your computer to provide Remote Technology Support. Monthly Tech Support contracts are available for on-demand phone and remote access support.